Books, Books, Books

This month, we are thinking about books. And books. And more books. Books, books, books, and their life in the worlds of Jewish experience. We’ll be talking with the leaders of the three major Jewish publishers: Gedaliah Zlotowitz, Matthew Miller, and Altie Karper; we’ll be returning to speak with Michelle Margolis, our favorite librarian, who will walk us through the life of a librarian; and we’ll be speaking with Rabbi Emanuel Feldman, to learn about the life of Jewish writing. 

This topic is for anyone who loves books and wants to know more about what goes into them: from writing to publishing to their life in libraries. We hope you enjoy our ride through the world of books. We’ll be trying some new formats in this topic, so keep your eyes peeled as there are surprises to come. As always, keep asking questions. 


Central Questions 

Writing the Book: What goes into the writing of a book on a Jewish topic? 

Publishing the Book: What does a publisher consider when deciding to publish a Jewish book? 

Keeper of the Book: What does a librarian of Jewish books look for in a book? 


In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we talk to the heads of the three major Jewish publishing houses, Rabbi Gedaliah Zlotowitz of ArtScroll Mesorah Publications, Matthew Miller of Koren Press, and Altie Karper of Schocken Books.
In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we talk to Rabbi Emanuel Feldman about writing styles.