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Romance & Commitment

Looking for love has never been simple or straightforward. One of the foundational texts that humanity has on love, Shir HaShirim, potently expresses the circuitous paths that so many of us take when looking to live in relationship with others. Our contemporary era has heightened some of these challenges, as we are now blessed and saddled with the possibility and potential of a level of choice in determining what we want in our relationships and lives. This month, we are exploring the questions and complexities of relationships. 







Romance & Commitment

This month, we are exploring relationships. We’ll be speaking with people with experience all along the spectrum of relationships, from singlehood, to marriage, to problematic and unsafe relationships. We’ll be thinking about the many vulnerabilities of life in relationship, through conversations with our host, David Bashevkin, Esther Williams and Dr. Shoshannah Frydman from the Shalom Task Force, Zahava Moskowitz, and Channah Cohen.


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