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Where does change come from? All of us have a subtle suspicion, a humble hope, in the possibility of our own betterment, but what does it take for us to get there, wherever ‘there’ is for us? Is it therapy that does the job, or prayer, or is it gumption, grit, dedication, or some other word? 

For many Jews, Elul is the month of change, or at least the aspiration for change. Read our Teshuva Magazine for essays, poems, book excerpts, and more.





Intergenerational Divergence (Season 2)

This series is sponsored by our friend, Danny Turkel.

Judaism is a religious culture that places an intense emphasis on continuing the chain of tradition through the context of the family. Yet in an ever-changing contemporary world, families often disagree—sometimes in fundamental ways—about how to live this life. Faced with this disagreement between generations, some choose to ignore these differences, focusing instead on the seemingly uninterrupted flow of history within families. However, reflecting on intergenerational divergence offers important insights on the fundamental nature of family, faith communities, and religion in the contemporary world.


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