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Finding a Home for Haredi IDF Soldiers



Our Intergenerational Divergence series is sponsored by our friends Sarala and Danny Turkel.

This episode is sponsored by the incredible organization Osey Chail, a non-profit organization serving lone soldiers from Haredi and Hasidic homes who are serving in the IDF. 

In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we talk to four Haredi soldiers who served in the IDF about breaking from family and communal expectations by enlisting, and the subsequent Intergenerational implications.
We also speak with Yael Ruzievich of the “adoptive family” of lone soldier David Mittleman, who was killed on Oct. 7. Hashem yikkom damo. In this episode we discuss:
  • How do soldiers from the Haredi world relate to their parents after joining the IDF?
  • What does the “adoptive family” of a Haredi lone soldier look like?
  • How can we do more for those who make immense sacrifices to defend the Jewish People?

Tune in to hear a conversation about how to handle divisive debates—such as Haredim enlisting for Israeli military service—as a unified Jewish family.

First soldier interview begins at 16:47.
Second soldier interview begins at 26:06.
Interview with Yael Ruzievich begins at 50:46.
Third soldier interview begins at 1:32:01.
Fourth soldier interview begins at 1:40:45.

Haredi soldiers are in a difficult place, often struggling with a lack of social and familial support, due to their community’s stance on army service. The organization Osey Chail fills this gap, supporting soldiers from Haredi backgrounds with kosher food, foster families, apartments, and unity events, among other programs. We’re honored to speak to Haredi soldiers who were part of Osey Chail, as well as families that adopted them.


Shomer Yisrael

Osey Chail

נגמר by Idan Amedi

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