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Judith Shulevitz: The World of Shabbos



In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we talk to author and journalist Judith Shulevitz about the world of Shabbos.

Through The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time, Judith introduced the secular world to the concept of Shabbos. She explores the power of a day of rest and the communal aspect that elevates it.

  • Does a secular Shabbos of unplugging work?
  • What is so radical about observing Shabbos?
  • How important is community for one’s Shabbos practice?

Tune in to hear a conversation about the world of Shabbos.

Judith is a journalist, editor, author, and critic. She is currently a contributing op-ed writer for The New York Times. Judith’s book, The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time, is a deep exploration of our favorite day of rest, from its ancient origins until today. This book weaves together the story of a day but also the story of one person, with ideas and memories melting into each other. Judith joins us to talk about the complex beauty, and challenges, of Shabbos.