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How to Navigate Changing Faith and Religiosity

In one of 18Forty's Must Reads, Arthur Brooks explains how we can overcome the obstacles preventing us from following our spiritual stirrings.

Religious change does not operate on a schedule, nor with any assumed convenience. Our relationship to faith, belief, and practice vary over time—and that’s natural. Sometimes, though, when we sense spiritual stirrings from within, we hesitate to explore further. What is this? Am I going to become a religious—or more religious—person? How do I even know if I want that? What would it look like? Arthur Brooks writes in The Atlantic how we can thoughtfully approach reawakenings of religious yearning and identify the obstacles obstructing our path forward. 

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I’ve seen firsthand the fallout and collateral damage of the worst divorce cases–and that’s why I’m sharing methods for how we can change the status quo.


We read the book of Jonah on Yom Kippur before the afternoon prayer. How does this curious text bring us to stand in the presence of God?

Talmud Teaching

"Sin" is the blockage, the obstructions, in life—how do we avoid it? The Talmud offers timeless wisdom for evading bad and living in flow.