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Rav Daniel Kalish: The Song of Teshuva



This series is sponsored by Mira and Daniel Stokar, and this episode is sponsored by our anonymous friend R.G. 

In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we talk to Rabbi Daniel Kalish, Menahel of the Mesivta of Waterbury, about how, with the right help, every person can forge their own path of religious commitment. We also get to meet five of Rabbi Kalish’s students, as well as a Mesivta of Waterbury dorm counselor. 

In a Jewish world full of pre-blazed trails, one of the great challenges of our time is the task of harnessing our passions to find our own way. In this episode we discuss: 

  • How can teenagers acquire a newfound fire in their spiritual lives?
  • What goes into a positive parent-child relationship? 
  • What is the relationship between song, teshuva, and Torah? 

Tune in to hear a conversation about how all of us have the power to find the song of teshuva in our lives. 

Interview begins at 18:12.

Rabbi Daniel Kalish is the Menahel of the Mesivta of Waterbury. Rav Kalish has gained wide acclaim for his radical warmth, creative approach with his students, and genuine openness to students of widely varying stages of life. Rav Kalish is beloved by many students who have learned from him from close and far, and is seen as innovative in his insistence on unconditional acceptance of students above all else. 


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