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Israel at War

This month, as the State of Israel fights for its safety, we are exploring the dimensions of war before, beyond, and on the battlefield.

Prayer & Humanity

What makes us human? As our technologies become ever more sophisticated, some of the lines drawn between human and other grow blurred as well, leading us to ask increasingly important questions about what truly makes humans human. For instance: Can robots pray? While this question initially seems funny, it reflects deeply rooted beliefs that we have about prayer, technology, and ourselves. This month, we are exploring prayer, and what makes us truly human.


For longer than we could remember, the story of Judaism has been wrapped up with the story of Zion. Our national narrative(s) circle our journeys to and from the homeland, and the impact of Zion has marked much of our literature, life, and dreams. This month, we are exploring this relationship, and considering where Israel is today, where it was, and where we find ourselves in relation to our homeland.

Jewish Education

Judaism and education have long become synonymous. Jews have prioritized learning for millenia, and our love of words and ideas have kept Jews afloat throughout many diasporas. This month, we are exploring that relationship, from time immemorial until today, with an eye to where we are now and where we might be heading.

Books, Books, Books

This month, we are thinking about books. And books. And more books. Books, books, books, and their life in the worlds of Jewish experience. This topic is for anyone who loves books and wants to know more about what goes into them: from writing to publishing to their life in libraries. We hope you enjoy our ride through the world of books.

Abuse in Our Community

This month, we explore the question of abuse in our communities, as we learn about the pragmatic and particular changes that we can make in our lives to build a safer Jewish world for all.